Michelle Brezinski is an award winning filmmaker, actress, and screenwriter who had studied her craft at the University of British Columbia. As an actress she has appeared in countless TV shows, movies, commercials, and is the voice of many cartoon characters.  As well, Michelle has an SFU kinesiology diploma focused on biological psychology and had studied client centered counselling at VCC.

                                          FILMOGRAPHY BIOGRAPHY

The humble beginnings of my filmmaking career started in 2012 when I decided to make a silent film. I wrote the script, cast the characters, recruited a team, built the set and shot THE COUNTS MABEL which premiered at the MONTREAL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL in 2013.

Following that I took on producing, writing and co-directing 2 pilot episodes of a 1/2 hour sitcom and several more short films - one being a 2014 grant opportunity from TELUS OPTIK TV.

I love the filmmaking process and wore many hats like costume designer, set builder, location scout, etc.. in order to get my stories told. In 2015 my film MADNESS was nominated for LEO AWARDS.

In 2016 I was offered a SHAW COMMUNITY PRODUCERS mentorship which included writing, producing, directing, editing and camera operating for television. I then created the SOCCER TIME television program for BC's kids.

In 2017 WOMEN IN THE DIRECTORS CHAIR offered me a "career advancement" opportunity and I've been working with their mentors ever since.

Recently, I've enrolled in the LANGARA DIGITAL FILM STUDIES PROGRAM and my ambitions have shifted towards documentary filmmaking - centered around my own curiosity "why we do what we do". A question that has filled my consciousness since I was a child...


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