FILMOGRAPHY BIOGRAPHY
Director, writer, producer, editor, set designer, costume designer, and performer. A combined experience in front and behind the camera that spans over 30 years. Passionate, a team player, willing to worker hard, and aims to make exciting films that encourage positive social change.

Professional Experience
·       2017 Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor for the short doc FLIGHT NORTH featuring Yellowknife’s MIDNIGHT SUN FLY IN EVENT and the history of northern aviation.

·       2016 -2017 Producer/Director/Writer/Editor for the SHAW COMMUNITY ACCESS TV talk-show SOCCER TIME. Multi-episodic youth TV program that focuses on how soccer has helped kids overcome adversity.  

·      2014 Producer/Co-director/Writer /Set Designer/Costume Designer for the short film MADNESS which received a $10,000 STORYHIVE grant from TELUS. This dramatic thriller garnered 30 GLOBAL AWARDS, LEO NOMINATIONS and a WIFTV SPOTLIGHT AWARD.

·       2014 Producer/Co-director/Writer for the short film CHRISTMAS CRACKERS. A comedic film that screened at film festivals across North America and had garnered awards.

·       2013 Producer/Co-director/Writer/Set Designer/Costumer for two pilot episodes of the 22 minute original sitcom IN-SESSION. A made for TV comedy focusing on the trials and tribulations of mid-life marriage counseling.

·       2012 Producer/Co-director/Writer/Set Designer for the short film THE COUNT’S MABEL which premiered at the MONTREAL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL 2013. 

·       2019 Women in the Director's Chair - Career Advancement Mentorship for mid-career women filmmakers. Focusing on leadership, storytelling, pitching, funders / distributers.  

·      2018 Digital Film Studies - BC's Langara College focusing on producing, directing, digital camera operating, script writing, and on-set sound.  

·      2016- 2017 BC Shaw Media Community TV Network Mentorship focused on editing with adobe premiere, producing, writing and directing programs featuring community-based made for TV stories. 

·      2017 One of six emerging filmmakers selected for the Women in the Director’s Chair (WIDC) Career Accelerator focused on professional development for content creators. 

·      2014-2015 University of British Columbia Program focused on writing for the screen, the 3-act structure, character development, and elements needed to tell a compelling story.

·      2014 BC Women in Film Workshop focused on documentary storytelling that impacts an audience by featuring dynamic characters with interesting experiences.

Awards and Recognition
·      2015 Vancouver WIFTV Spotlight Image Award given to the short film MADNESS for its stunning costumes, set design and compelling story reflecting the writer’s own struggle overcoming PTSD.

·      2015 BC LEO AWARD nomination for exceptional costume design in MADNESS. A second nomination was given to the production’s hair/make up department. 

·      2015 -2017 30 wins and 19 nominations were awarded to the short film MADNESS for directing, writing, production design, score, cast, sound design, costumes and editing.

·      2015 – 2016 SEX THERAPY pilot script - finalist for FRESH VOICES and NEXTV screenplay competitions. Best screenplay at the LAIFF AWARDS and at WILDSOUND FILM FESTIVAL.

Community Engagement
·      2017 – Present Volunteer camera operator for TraxStars Inc. Filming community-based events from theatrical productions aimed at reconciliation to the LGBTQ parade.

·     2017-Present Union of BC Performer’s Education and Scholarship Committee.

·     2018 Union of BC Performer Ageism Committee aimed at encouraging filmmakers to create films reflective of our age-diverse society.  UBCP’s Women’s Committee.  

·    2017 Organized, hosted, and filmed an event that kicked off the first Female Filmmaking TELUS funding edition.    

·     2015 WIFTV Guest speaker for various film related topics such as advice on entering the global film festival circuit, the award systems, using social media to build your audience and cross promoting tactics that offer both industry support while promoting your film.

·     2018 Created and manages the social media page “Think Tank for Female Filmmakers“.