Comedy TV

 THE SHOW: A midlife marriage counsellor, who's a divorcee' with fleeting fertility, slowly slips into a midlife crisis while trying to counsel her unique group of dysfunctional married couples.

THE THEME: A comedy about saving one’s over-the-hill marriage and defying the horrors of aging.

THE FORMAT: 22 minute scripted sitcom style adult comedy episodic shot on a two room set with an added laugh track or the option to be performed in front of a live studio audience.

THE EPISODES: Each episode is crafted in order to hook an audience into watching the evolution of their favorite characters. An episode begins with a teaser followed by 3 acts and then finally an epilogue.

THE SET: A two room set consisting of a Waiting Room and the Counsellors Office.

THE THEME SONG: "Tiptoe Thru The Tulips" remake of the Helen Shapiro version from 1961 (PD)

THE SYNOPSIS: Recently divorced, and with a biological clock that is barely ticking, Laura Lepinski struggles to keep up the appearance of a competent marriage counsellor.  

Her clients, on the other hand, have managed to stay married and most have popped out a few kids. But life is now presenting them with unforeseen challenges like erectile dysfunction, senile in-laws, sociological expectations, and sex changes.

As Laura stumbles through therapy, with her crazy clients, she starts to discover that her own insecurities have now manifested themselves into scary panic attacks. 

The office begins to unravel as marriages pull skeletons out of the closet and Laura goes down with the ship.

She hijacks a psychiatrist, who accidently finds himself in her waiting room, in order to cope with her midlife crisis, and deal with the never ending drama from both her clients and receptionist.

Eventually her, her clients, and her receptionist, have to make some serious decisions to either return to the comforts of their dysfunctions or venture into the unknown and commit to change.

      Note: This multiplatform show can interchange from a TV½ hour sitcom to smaller webisodes and vice versa.

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